Saturday, December 18, 2010

Somethin' new

GUYS!! Please get your minute to feedback if you ever see that message. Moved to new address : , so keep up with me via this one from now on if you wish :)
I'm still looking forward to recovering from an unofficial hiatus and post some stuff y'all missed.
I'll write some more on design and name change later guys, so keep watchin' me.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sunday, Bloody Sunday's not really sunday today, but there was a sunday in the days I wore it. Makes sense? :P
Afraid yet?
bloody peek-a-boo
So here's my Halloween manicure. Actually, it was the idea of Andrea and I made my version of it. My nails were much shorter than hers back then.

My nails are not as sharp as knives, but still I can imitate it (oh well).

Another cruel hand.
Isn't it a perfect halloween mani? I'm so fond of it, I even want to remix it sometime with different blood colour depths and such. Lovely.

I used Colorama French Manicure White for the base, Rimmel Ruby Me, Stiletto Red, Colorama BlackCurrant, unnamed Revolline deep jelly red for blood, Helen Black silver for the blade.

So whatcha think? Would you rock one like that?
Thanks for checking out!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Contrasting the last post

Hello everyone,

I'm back here today with a (hence the post name)-- guess it -- yes, white! It is another older manicure and I just realized how far behind I am in posting, so I add some other pics today, too.
Here goes a nice Colorama white polish which is a cheapo and so-so in application.
Glossy (on its own) and matte (with Essie Matte About You).

The polish tends to thicken up real fast. 7.5ml. I finally obtained a thinner and now it's nice and has a great consistency. I really recommend everyone to look up for Colorama's since they do make some dupe-y polishes for such a bargain.

Here are some of the designs I tried on single nails, just to look how it'll look like.
This one was based on the design I saw@ The Lacquer Files. Colorama white, Rimmel Urban Princess, Avon Pastel Pink, and the green I can't remember.

This one -- made by tutorial @Nails By Asami.
And finally -- this one done by myself. A watermelon thing, using a several layers of jelly neon Orly Passion Fruit for the transparet-y squishy look, Orly Matte Vinyl for seeds on each layer of PF, SH Emerald City, Orly Enchanted Forest, China Glaze Limonyte, Rimmel Jade Glamour, China Glaze Paper Chasing for the cortex.

Please excuse the state of my cuticles! :)
Hope y'all enjoying your time.

Friday, October 29, 2010


Hey world,

I'm back with another older manicure.
This one was on for, I guess, 4 days or more, and I'd wear it longer if I didn't have such big chips.
So here go my nails in Black Out by Sally Hansen. I consider black polish as a timeless classic.
Black out is a deep black jelly. I'm sure you saw many brown or blue based blacks, but this one based black?
I love the colour and I love it being jelly. But I have the same problem with some other SH's I have : they never dry. I had dents after couple days passed, and it's no fun. I want my black to be hard as steel, glossy and jelly. Might give it another try with a SH quickdry topcoat, but I guess I'll still go for some other one. Any recommendations, ladies?
What for black – I'd wear it forever, because it looks amazing on short and long nails, with almost any outfit and you can go with any interpretation: be that punk, elegant, goth or whatever – it's universal and versatile.
By the way, the name makes me think of one of Muse songs I have in my favourites since 2005.

Woo-hoo, can you feel the halloween in the air? Still have to think on the halloween mani idea.
Happy upcoming Halloween everyone!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Out of power

Hello my dear readers.

First of all, wow, that was a great response to my latest post. If we unite, be can beat the ignorance and rudeness around our cosy and beautiful NB world. Thanks to you who shared their thoughts as well and had spread the post.

Secondly, I seem to lose my inspiration slowly, now mostly I feel like going barenailed or with just a clear polish on. I seem to be more and more fond of the natural look and I get tired of all the brighties. And somehow I'm on the dark wave at the same time! But anyway, I don't feel like changing my nail look that often as I used to do.
That doesn't mean I quit blogging – no! I just may post a little less often. I still have stuff to share with you guys, I have a lot of captured ideas (on paper) I'd be happy to see you make real as well. And I'm on my way to change the blog attitude, maybe not entirely, but I want to improve it and get onto some new post style. Well, enough ramble about it – I just hope you'll see! :)

Today I want to share my natural look with you, with just a clear polish on. And, I must add, I wear it just to keep the nail strong.
As you can see, some yellowing is still on, though I desperately try to whiten my nails, without drying the hell out of them. Any suggestions?

What about you? Do you love your unpolished claws or never leave home without some colour on?
I'm sending some positive energy to anyone who reads it! Thanks y'all :)