Saturday, August 28, 2010

Aurelia - Gloomy Cloud

The weather is just matching for such named polish, though the last one is much more fun.
Aurelia is a local brand of professional nail lacquers. They are pretty much of a good quality.
Here you are with the pics. But for a polish like that they just will never show all its glory.
Look, golden and copper shimmer!
Oh, now what...Purple-teal duochrome?!

Man...completely purple..But look at the bottle! Aaah, it's a multichrome!

That what the first group clours actually look like. Thr first pic was made with a light went through an orange cloth (:

So...It flashes gold, copper, raspberry, purple, a tiny bit blue and teal!It looks like gasoline to me. Mostly it's a purple-teal combo.
On itself it's pretty much sheer, so I made a layering over Rimmel Black Pearl.
Aurelias have a semiwide brush which is pretty much easy to handle.

Thanks for reading and I wish you much sunshine inside!


  1. It so is! Thanks for stopping by, Evil Angel<3

  2. Kayvid: I'm really trying to locate where to buy Aurelia from on the internet. Any ideas/suggestions/help/info will be highly appreciate. Thanks in advance!

  3. Hello! I'm not sure if Aurelias are sold online anywhere. If you want some shades, we could make a swap! Email me doublemint[@] if you are interested! :)

  4. OMG!! I love this! I wish so much that I could buy some Aurelia polishes, but unfortunately only available in Russia.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Just the same thing with me and deborah lippmann, limited orly's etc... sigh

    it is!


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