Sunday, August 22, 2010

If you hear what your body says...

Learn Body Language!
Hello girls!
Recently I've got my first Essies and I'm happy I did! Today I'm here to show you the one that I thought would look different, but still I love it. It's Body Language by Essie! ...Mattified :) Just because I couldn't resist to try out the matte goodness~

It's a light rose asphalt grey colour. I'm crazy about it and I actually didn't want to take it off. Still had to! Does it happen to you too when people around get you down about some colour? :)

Well, I'm incredibly happy to have this one. I think it goes quite well with my skintone.
The application is like heaven. Finally I discovered the Essie formula myself, it's VERY liquid so it's really easy to use! It levels out itself even on the first coat. There are two (three? I don't remember, oh man.) coats pictured.
Can you see the ring? I've made it myself out of 4 threads. It looks crappy though, my first experience! :)
Here you can see the colour glossy and matte. Can't choose my favourite, love both!

Body Language nails against my tamagochi to show you the pinkness of it! I love my tama, by the way. It's more than 10 years old :)

And a song to share with you! Body Language by Róisín Murphy


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