Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Avon - Venus

Hello everyone!
This polish I'm up to show you is four years old, still in amazing condition! Let's jump straight to the pics.

It's a latte beige colour. The finish on this one is frosty I guess, still it looks just like foil. Amazing, right?
The colour is pretty deep. I love the microshimmer creating the finish. This is two coats I believe. Any streakiness easily smoothens up with a topcoat.

Next to my pendant.Isn't the colour extremely feminine?
And of coooourse I needed to mattify it. I dig the glossy version much more, I must confess.

Just saw China Glaze Latte, I assume these are dupes! Gotta try ChG out if I ever get a chance.
I really want to have one more bottle to be sure it'll be in stock forever! It's just that beautiful to me.
Thanks for looking!


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