Thursday, August 12, 2010

Orly - Cashmere Cardigan

Hey there!
When I first saw this one, my first thought was: this would look gorgeous. Well I'm a major fan of violets, this one is more periwinkle, and it's beautiful. To the pics!
indoors, indirect sunlight
The application was awesome. I didn't like Orly brush much, mut I seem to get used to it. Got a few bald spots though. This was 2 coats with Orly Top2Bottom as a base and Sec'n'dry topcoat. You might need a third (as I should have done it).
Somehow when I saw it on my nails I thought of a purple lotus... here's the ref found in the net and my failed "lotus" :)

well, it didn't turn out right :)
Aaaand then I thought it could look amazing with some iridiscent shimmer...hmm.
I'll be swatching this one later, I'm pretty excited about it...

with flash

under the lamp 

Looks pretty, doesn't it?


  1. I love this shade!
    It looks lovely on you!
    I like the "hand lotus" photo! ;)

  2. Your blog is beautiful, I loved came here. Kisses, and congratulations on your beautiful blog!

  3. @Sarah: Yes, that shade is lovely!
    Thank youu!

    @Nill: Thank you very much!

    xo girls!

  4. I love the color! And nice blog ;)

  5. Thank you very much, Lois! :)

  6. this looks gorgeous on you!!! =)))

  7. Thanks, Deniz! I couldn't resist but STARE on my nails with that on :D

  8. Wow that is SUCH a nice color and I love the way you take pictures!

    Take a look at my blog and become a follower :)

  9. magnifique couleur, et superbe blog, je te souhaite une continuation
    I love the color! And your blog is very nice blog ;)


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