Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Old nail art attempts!

Hello ladies!
I'm here today to keep you entertained with some oldies.
Sometimes I DO nail art, trying to achieve something okay-looking (atleast)
Here is one of the attempts which I'm really fond of!

As you can see it's a vinyl record being played :)
I used Orly Mirror Mirror, an amazing grey for the base, Avon Warm Black as the vinyl, (I guess) Sally Hansen Cherry Red for the label and some cheapo nail art lacquer in silver glitter... 
I had this one a few months ago.

Ah, this is my beloved one. I'm sorry for the crappiness of this, the tipwear and lack of cleanup...whoops! 
This mani is the Alice game inspired... plus interpreted. as you can see, I've swapped the colours :) and I love it! Even if it's soooo $#1tty. I'll probably do this one again!

 As you can see, my nails were oval back then. Even a bit stilletto-ish :)
I used SH Cherry Red, Avon Warm Black, Avon White.

That's all, folks!
See you next time!

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