Saturday, August 7, 2010

Birthday Manicure FAIL.

Hey there! Tomorrow is my birthday and I wanted to "spice up" my plain brunette nails. But what have I done. Oh lord, that's a MAJOR FAIL. Yes, I always knew that "nail art" isn't my thing. Thank god I'm not so into it either.But hey, let the girl play.

I normally don't like pinks much, so I use them for details and such. I love brown+pink combination, it's just amazing. And yes, rhinestones...I do that EXTREMELY RARELY, 'cause it's just too...glamorous for me. bleh. But I like them here. Accidentally.
I used another Rimmel lacquer for it, Urban Princess, a cool toned pink with Brunette as a base colour.
You may ask me : what's the fail? Ah well, it's way too inaccurate (is the word right?).
And one rhinestone is already lost. Damn.

I think I'll take it off as soon as possible...

And a thing more – look how Brunette matches my planner!
Thanks for stopping by! :)


  1. belated happy birthday to u sweety!! xoxo!! more power to ur blog!! sending u a bug hug!!

  2. Thanks a lot Thriszha! And happy birthday to you again! <3 xo


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