Friday, August 6, 2010

Rimmel - Brunette

Hello! Today I finally decided to make my first full-review post.
There's Brunette by Rimmel on the spotlight!

This is a rich, true dark chocolate colour. Not blackened, it's obviously brown, still dark enough. Yes, as many bloggers write – it's much better in the real life :)
The application was always just fine, but now...yuck! bubbles, too thick... I've heard that heat may affect the application quite hard... I suppose that's the problem, 'cause these rimmels have never been any thick! I always loved their formula, something just went wrong... with all the rimmels I own! By the way, you may know that there's the highest temperature ever in Russia than it ever was. It's like hell in here! So I blame it. *cough* Back to the polish...
I LOVE Rimmel's brush. Adore it. It's very wide, so the application's much easier with it. Still I do a lot of mistakes (whoops!)... I've seen OPI's wide brush, but it has nothing on rimmels one.
Ah yeah, it stays quite long, more than a week, as they promise. Just one eternal problem - instant tipwear. I always have to fix it!

I also feel like putting a little story how I ever got to know Rimmel.
I love Sophie Ellis-Bextor! She's one of the Rimmel faces, so I stumbled upon an ad and started to search for the brand. Luckily there's a store that holds their products located within two minutes from my house.  And once I tried – I loved it!
The only thing is the problem, quite a serious one. They DO test their products on animals. (Coty)

What do you think about Rimmel? I hate the fact about AT, I'm trying to find a good and safe alternatives.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    That is a very pretty dark brown. I have several rimmels but I don't have this one.

  2. And thank you for stopping by mine! :)
    I never found the most shades I own on their site, I mean, in current collections or even a permanent one... This makes me wonder if they're just too old or never oficially existed :D I hope the first statement is right!

  3. j'aime beaucoup cette couleur chocolat foncé
    i love that deep colour like chocolate

  4. j'aime cette couleur aussi! très riche, oui? :)


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