Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Clean Nails

Hello! Sometimes, you know, our nails gotta have their holidays too. Well, that's time for these to be naked and clean! Once in a while, when I'll change my nail polish, I'll leave my nails unpainted for a couple of days (mostly because my boy some kind of asked me to).

Currenty, I'm on my countryside helping my grandma. Y'know that all this garden business can ruin your mani, right? :D
So here are my naked nails, 3mm off the nailbed. With some flower...how pretty is it?
As you can see, these are quite yellow at the tips, semi-transparent in some places. Normally (let's say it's ok) they're quite heavily ridged, so I just buff them until the ridges are minimized and I still don't do any damage...(I hope so!). And for some cuticle softening there is Lemony Flutter to help. ♥ it.
The problem of yellowing (IDK, is it staining or possibly health?) really bothers me. I've soaked them in lemon juice, combined baking soda with it, baking powder with peroxide, peroxide-water solution... Nothing helped. What should I do?
Please, share your ways of whitening nails, if you do that!

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