Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Seize the rainbow!

Hello girls!
The summer is over. While painting my nails "1st Sept." special, I've decided to make a quick post. Ocassionally, it's the 13th post, which was kind of meant to be not like the most others. :)

This one was made by request. It's bright and cheering, but I did take it off because it doesn't actually look that fun on long nails IMO. But certainly the mani like that IS FUN!!!
Here you go!
| Orly - Matte Vinyl, ||| Rimmel - Ruby Me, | Sephora - ? , |||| Colorama - 82, || SH - Emerald City, |||| Orly - Green With Envy, || SH - Blue It, || SH - Cyber, || Orly - Soul Mate, | Colorama - 51
(| - coat)

Sorry for some mess!
Here it is nail-by-nail.

Pics are all clickable!

Cheers at all of you, be happy!


  1. Haha, your profile looks like mine! See my sidebar for the spoken languages, even the "lil bit French" part is the same =D
    I adore your nail shape, it's classic and very elegant, yet you support those funny, rainbow-y nails beautifully! =DDD

  2. God, I didn't ever meant to be a copycat, Deniz! :D Such a coincidence.
    Thank you! But these will soon go away after a couple of designs, I'll have to study hard and that means no timey! Plus I want short nails now. :)

  3. Hi Daria! Thank you for stopping by my blog and also for entering my giveaway but your comment was out of time, I'm so sorry! There will be more giveaways comming very soon and I hope you can participate. By the way, I'm following you :-) Very nice and colorful nail polishes!!

  4. Hello Naoko! I guesses I were, still tried. :) Thank you! Enjoy your stay here! :)


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