Thursday, September 2, 2010

Oh hai skool.

Hello mesdames!
Forgive the dorky post name, this is just the way I feel now. School has started. No more sleep right till 2pm (Mythbusters...*slaps self*).
Just exclusively for yesterday I've made a special mani, which was fun and I got lots of compliments on it. It's totally imperfect, with a lot of mess... Well, you'll see.

This one says "11th V" , my class (or however you call it). Yes, it's a russian V, equal to C. Going third in the alphabet. I've been in a G class for most years (D), then one year in A (A. duh) and now V. I've always wanted to be in a B one! It's quite funny I've been in every class but my favourite. :))
Right hand. Index : 1.09.10
Middle: MDXXVII (1527) my school's number
Ring: a bell
Pinkie: |||| |||| | for 11

Messy thumb. sinα/cosα=tgα

Left hand. Pinkie: binary code (absolutely random)
Ring: paragraph symbol
Middle: E(o)=mc^2
Index: abc

The polishes I used are Orly Enchanted Forest, for a blackboard green, almost black and black looking in some lighting and a white colorama. All drawn with shaky hands (man, do I need sleep) with a toothpick.

I had fun with this one.

Thanks for reading and let there be sunshine in your soul!

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