Monday, September 27, 2010

Coffee Time


[Psst, let's pretend we didn't see the latest post, if you know what I mean, girls ;) ]

Comparing to all the drama happening to me lately, I decided to put here one really calm manicure I had on some days ago.
Here goes an amazing Catrice - Clay-ton, My Hero
Clay-ton is my awesome latte colour, a bit colder than the "perfect" one ;) But I still love it a lot!
It has a subtle golden shimmer to it, which shows up in the light and looks really beautiful.
 With my lens mug! I'm passionate about photography, so it was a must have for a photo-freak like me! :) Psst, I make coffee better than Starbucks, DD and MD! ;) I wish I could invite you all.
See, Clayton looks creme here. It spmetimes does in life too. Just because the shimmer is really subtle.

This awesomeness came to me from my amazing Aurica, whose Catrice giveaway I won. There was such a coincidence that saved time and money! I'm from russia and some may know, how awful is the mail situation here. But Aurica is a wife of a Moscovite (citation), and exactly at that time there was her mother in law, who actually brought me the prize all the way from Netherlands with her! So we saved time, 'cause local mail processes everything way to slow, and money for sending! It made me get some extra bottles! ;)
Anyway! I'm really happy to have these here with me. I've already worn another one, I'm sure to post it a bit later.

Let's get back to the handsome Clayton lad.
Quite all catrice polishes (I've tried) are fairly good pigmented, so one thick coat might be enough, but  you see 2 thin coats on me. Impressing, isn't it? :)
Consistency is just like cream, smooth, not runny, not thick.
Color-wise it's a cool mid-toned beige with subtle golden shimmer.
I'm totally fond of this one.

Thanks for reading and be happy!

P.S. as I promised, Aurica, double rainbow in Moscow, months ago! :)


  1. *Blushes* Thanx hon, you're amazing, too;-*
    Ofcourse you can write about our incredible coincidence, it shows how small our world can be sometimes! And Clayton looks so pretty on your nails, love it!
    Oh, and latest post? Didn't see any....x

  2. Wrote about it! :) And added a pic!

    xoxo! <3

  3. This polish looks Lovely!!! Glad to see this post!

  4. Wow, your rainbows are even better than mine, LOL. They are huge, and perfect!(everything is bigger in Moscow;))Huggs!

  5. J, thank you! I'm happy you're glad <3
    Aurica, hahaha, I was so amazed to see these. xo!

  6. Great mani! Love this type of varnish :))

  7. I tagged you!

  8. We really like that nail-colour. So super cool! Keep it up and thanks for sharing!
    All the best
    Midnight Couture Girls


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