Sunday, September 26, 2010

Don't make me angry

Hello, ladies.

This manicure is more than a week old. I've been inspired by myself beeing moody. Let the pics say everything:

The Good hand

do you see the crackled black?
 The Angry hand
I'm sorry for the blurriness of some and the state of the cuticles.
The good hand is black with ring finger white. Why ring? It's meant to be something sacred, you know what ring I'm talking about. Too bad it was my left hand, oh well...
The angry one is all about... well, I think it's needless to say what does it mean to have middle finger pop out. Even colorwise.
Black and red have stained my nails like hell. Like hell.
Black is one coat Matte Vinyl by Orly topped off with Sally Hansen - Black Out, glossy sheery black, which caused the lovely crackle effect, so matching.
Red is one coat Rimmel - Stiletto Red (blue based middle toned red) + another one coat of Rimmel - Ruby Me (sheer scarlet). White is two coats Maybelline Colorama #51.

I wore this for a little while, but I'll definitely do this again. For a longer time. 'Cause I think that it friggin' rocks.


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