Sunday, September 19, 2010

Polish with a feeling

Good evening, ladies.
I have a quite special post today. This is my first Zoya polish ever.
Meet the incredible Zoya Jo.
Why is it special? My alter ego's name is Josephine and basically just my favourite female name, I guess. And that colour reminds of one very special thing from my childhood, I'll make another mani later on that features another colour that is dear to me.
This colour itself is so calm, it makes me happy just to look at it. Reminds me of a beautiful winter/spring sky, morning sea, beautiful forget-me-not's... My Mr. called it doll-like and unnatural though, but who said it makes the colour less beautiful..?
It also has that vintage feeling to me.

To the qualities. This was two coats I believe, if I messed up something, then three. Dry time is average, but I used a quick-dry topcoat anyway. I live fast pace :)
Still, I didn't wear it long enough, but it what just happens to the save-best-for-last things.
Mostly, I took it off because of this:

Ugh, that was painful. I'm not that kind of girl who will whine about breaking a beautiful long nail, it was just painful. Even bloody.
So now I'm short, as you might mention. :)

I hope you all are doing okay.  Have a nice day!


  1. I love your pictures =) Jo looks gorgeous on your nails!
    Ouch, that looks so painful =( Today I broke a nail, but didn't have the heart to chop them all off. =/

  2. This Zoya is beautiful, and it looks good on you =)

    I'm sorry about the break, I hope that it will grow out soon, that it won't hurt anymore.

  3. Thank you, dear! :) I guess this shade looks better on long nails, just can't imagne wearing this on shorties.
    Is the break that bad as this one or (hopefully) not? Do you glue the breaks up or..? I used to just slap a little more thick basecoat to keep the nail, but it helped just for a couple of days.
    You know, it feels rather good with short ones! So comfy. Even though I miss my long nails too :D

  4. @colorfulbottle: Thank you :)
    It already did!

  5. Beautiful color. I'm putting this on my list! Too bad about your nail, though. It looks like it broke in the flesh. Ouch! When I break a nail, if it's not completely gone, I desperately try to glue it together. It doesn't always work, but I always try!

  6. Owie! I'm sorry about your nail.

    I finally am following you. Took me long enough. lol I had an issue or two to work out but I think I have it, now. :D

    Off to add you to my blogroll. :D

  7. Beautiful color. Sorry about your nail...

  8. Thanks girls! :)) it's okay about the nail!

    Ice Queen: hahaha I'm happy you are now! Thank you <3

  9. Such a pretty color! I can see it on shorties. (Of course, I would say that, since I've been battling peeling and have been keeping my nails pretty short lately.)

  10. Haha! I would love to see it on shorties, too. At least because I hardly imagine it! :)

  11. Ouch, must have really hurt. But don't worry, they'll grow back ;)

    I love your nails, your cuticles are perfect, haha =) Mine are always so dry :(

  12. Privet, kak dela? Wow beautiful color on you. I love the shape of your nails & your cuticles are perfect. Ouch the break looks painful, you can try to wrap your nail if you get a break.

  13. Thanks girls, lemony flutter by lush is my only cuticle secret! Try it out yourself! :)


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