Friday, September 17, 2010

Some comparisons//pic heavy//

Hello tout le monde!*

Long time no post, since I have much less time, got school, so I fill in my free time with coffee cups and sleep. But who cares about me, anyways! :)
Let's get to the business. I promised to make some comparisons. This is actually my first time to do it, so all the recommendations are highly welcome.

This one was questioned by me long time ago, One of them was my favourite colour in 4th grade, so it's exxxtremely old. The other one was bought a little less than a year ago (not sure), because I'm a sucker for this kind of colours.
I found them dupes back then. Now look what I got:
1 thick coat Orly It's Up To Blue :index+ring
1 coat Avon Ocean Breeze: middle+pinkie

here you see the opacity. Avon is much more sheer, it needs about 3-4 coats.
And you definitely will be fine even with one thick orly coat.
this is still one coat orly versus 3 coats of avon. In real life, Avon is much lighter and less deep, I wish I could make more colour-accurate pics...

I love the depth of Orly. Anyway, that avon shade is long gone :)

2004! Haha!

I used Avon one over sephora's blue, which totally died by now. It was a quite long time ago...
Next up: Rimmel Blue me away VS. SH Spark
 Rimmel: index+ring
SH: middle + pinkie
They seriously looked alike to me. But they are totally not! SH looks more purple-shimmered in the bottle, but that shimmer is not that visible. It's loads of blue shimmer mixed with slightly larger purple one. Or not larger. Not sure! Rimmel is packed with copper-violety shimmer. What they have in common is the base : both dark rich blue, both very pigmented, SH is more. 1 Coat SH, 2 coats Rimmel.
SH Emerald City VS ChG Paper Chasing

These two looked a bit similar. But even in the bottle  the difference is obvious.

SH: Index+ring
ChG: Middle+pinkie

Paper Chase is sheer like hell. This is 4 coats.
Emerald city is pretty opaque, this is two coats.
PC is lighter and brighter, EC is deeper, forest green.

That's all for now. I'm extremely sorry for the mess.
Hope something helps!

Have a great day.
*tout le monde - everyone (fr.)

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