Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just because I love THS so much

You are the navigator who never could lead
We were lost in the silver sea
I was a ship who was too proud to ever sink

 Hello ladies!
This manicure was inspired by a song. I'm not sure if eneryone knows about The Hush Sound, but this is my strong musical love. Their music is far too beautiful and awesome.

 I'm pulled to the black silver ocean
Can you see the "waves"? :)
 Where the current and the heavens collide
I was a ship who was too proud to ever sink
Buuuuuuuuuuuubbliiiiiing ):

I wore this one for less than a day. Removed it just beacuse I hated the bubbling and some smudges I got. But I definitely will redo this one when I have a bit more time.

I LOVED the effect of the waves!Do you?

The polishes I used are 2x Rimmel Black Pearl for the black and 1xNubar Moodies (barely changing, if yes) Silver Sparkle to White Linen for silver, to create the moonlit ocean at night. :)
Rimmels one is on a thick side. It takes too long for it to dry (or is it me?), but I'll ramble about this one more constructively someday later.
Nubar thing is amost not a moodie, I got two shades, and only this one changes under hot water. But not on the nail. I even tried it without a base coat, still nothing. So it's all-time silver, but a pretty one. It's sheer, also, so it's about 3-4 coats (depends on coat thickness and what you desire) to look good. 
The combo actually looked like some gunmetal to me, which I am very fond of. Waves created by layering silver over black with a... wavy motion of the brush. The ship is a freehand with my cheapo cleanup brush and white polish :)

Soon, I'm going to make some reviews and comparisons, maybe make my own page design as well. So stay tuned! :)
 Be happy.

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