Saturday, October 16, 2010

A little bit random


I thought it would be time for some rambling about this and that in my blog.
There are some thoughts I just feel like sharing with you.

Firstly, it annoys me so much, when some person just doesn't even try to say something meaningful, and by this I mean constructive, in their comment, just trying to force one to follow their blog. I mean this : "hello nice blog follow me cause I follow you" and things alike.
Well, girls. Nothing comes easy. I'm not here to gain more followers, I'm here for those, who come here and enjoy what I do. You see? THEY come. It's not me linkwhoring anyone. And that's why I'm so happy about each follower who stays there because likes my stuff.
That totally doesn't deserve any respect just to go and soulless-ly try to gain moremoremore followers to gain moremoremore comments.
And another thing. About comments too, now about mine. Just as all (most) of you, sometimes I comment shortly and commonly, when I've nothing more to say than just how I feel about some polish. But sometimes, I guess even mostly, I take a little bit more of myself in my comments. And maybe that's just me, but I get so...say, offended, when some person just ignores it, "choosing" people whom to answer, and, of course, I'm never there. Yeah, I understand, there are a lot of people following and commenting some blogs, but when it's obviously possible to answer to each one, I get a little furious. Sure, that comes and goes pretty quickly, but it leaves a tiny "scar" on how I feel about that person. Ahaha, yes, I'm easily hurt.

And still not to get you so very bored of my annoyed talkings, there's some old manicure for you, that didn't actually last long, I've peeled it off the same day. You know why? It was so awfully made. But nonetheless, I've got a lot of compliments on this one.
This is Orly Gumdrop + Maybelline Colorama #104. Sorry for the pre-cleanup look, somehow I didn't get myself to take a normal photo of this one done.

Thanks for reading!


  1. LOL, seriously. I received exactly the same comment a couple of days ago, and my reaction was the same. *Click* deleted. I also understand your "comment frustration";)
    Love your mani ;*

  2. Yeah, I delete these comments too!
    Thanks hun*!

  3. First of all, I always love a mint & chocolate color combination =) And this inspired me to do a moon manicure myself! =)
    I totally agree with you about the "link whoring". Personally I don't mind blog links under comments, but something like "hey nice blog, follow me and then I'll follow you" annoys me very much. This usually makes me do the opposite and I don't follow that person, because there is no such thing as "conditional following." You follow a blog if you like them. Or not. Even if I would have liked that blog, I don't do that if I receive that kind of a comment.
    Plus, I want to say that even though I check my google reader every day and try to catch up with every update of every blog I follow, I don't find the time to comment on everything I like. And when I do comment, I usually keep it short. That's why I always cherish someone who takes their time and writes a nice, long comment. I try to reply one by one as hard as I can, but it's not always possible. If I reply one by one, I try to do this to everyone, or I just write "thanks for the feedback/love everyone!" because most of the comments are usually like "that's pretty!", and then I try to answer questions, if there are any. I also try to attend to detailed comments. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally alright with any kind of feedback, whether short or long. Sometimes it's impossible to thank each commenter individually, especially after visiting your own blog and seeing that 30 comments were piled up.
    I hope I'm not one of those that accidentally ignored a nice, long comment of you and offended you in any way =)

  4. Wow, Deniz, now YOU took time to write this! I appreciate it so much :)
    Thanks, and I'm SUPER glad it inspired you! But sad news, the photo is not color accurate, didn't really think about it. It's light teal&purple, but now your comment made me want to do a mint+chocolate halfmoon, haha!
    Yesh, same thing, I won't follow a person who effortlessly "promote" themselves. I don't respect the "link sig" too, in case it's a one-two word comment + this signature...
    I understand what you "major bloggers" feel! The situation that really made me write it was one, where I was the very first to comment, and the blog owner answered just straight after a couple of another ones. I know it may be just me, or my comment maybe seemed out of place (I don't really know the reason)... BUT STILL, UGH
    Sure you are not! How can I ever be mad at you anyway :D

  5. I'm totally with you on the comments. I just feel like those "follow me I'll follow you" comments are so cheap. Really? Would it kill you to write a real comment? And honestly, I check out the profile of everyone who comments on my blog, and if they have a nail blog, I follow it - unless they write one of those comments. So it really doesn't help anyway, and it's just annoying. :/

    ANYWAY, I just found your blog (I've already forgotten how...that's kind of incredible), and I'm enjoying it greatly! I really like this mani.

  6. Zara, yeah! The word cheap is the perfect match. Same with me, I'll go follow people with awesome blogs if I just simply see them hanging out here.
    I'm so glad you enjoy my blog! Thank you!

  7. You've really echoed many of my own feelings about comments like these. I follow blogs for several reasons. Maybe I like their photos, maybe I like reading the things they write. Something in the blog has to make me want to follow it, though. Sometimes I'll see someone leave an awesome comment on a blog, and I want to see if they have their own blog!

    The funny thing? When I started my blog, I had a follower before I'd even started going around and commenting on the blogs I read. And once I started commenting, I started getting readers, even though I never left a link, never said, "Hey, read my blog?"

    See... it may seem strange, but if people like the way you write, they'll find you. But leaving comments like, "I followed you, you should follow me back?" That always seems to do the exact opposite to me.

    So my suggestion for those people with new blogs who want people to read them is this: make your blog as good as you possibly can. Then read the blogs you like, and leave respectful, insightful comments on their posts. People will find you through your comments, and follow you, and the cycle of awesome will continue on and on! :D

  8. You're so very right, Laynie. I remember getting my first follower. It was jellynat, if I'm right! I started to know nailfolks far before I ever decided to start writing myself. Some will to be able to comment people made me join! And I don't regret a thing.
    At first time I was a bit impatient about people getting to read me. But I grew with patience right away, because there were people who found me themselves. And it is joyful to find out about another blogger any other time! It's incredible that people from all round the globe can read and see you. It gets me excited.

  9. I agree with you. I get a lot of comments too, that only say 'I follow you nice blog' or something. Then I'm just like, Yeah? You do? If you really like my blog, why can't you just leave a normal comment?
    I don't care if it's a really short comment, I just like getting them. Of course I love it when people leave really long comments, but I know that most of my readers don't have all the time in the world to leave such long comments! Usually I comment short, but if I have a question, I always just go for it.
    I mean, why do you even try to run a blog, if the only thing you're interested in is followers? Of course, I don't mind if someone comments really nice and leave their blog link under it. I always check those links out.

    I think that you should only run a blog, if you're really interested (or obsessed, in my case!) with the subject you're blogging about, obviously nail polish. I also don't have any respect for people who only post pictures of their nails everyday. I mean, of course, okay if you have nice pictures, but I always think a blog is a lot better if it's more personal. I mean, what's the point if you post 1 picture, and you only put beneath it the name of the polish, how many coats and if you liked the polish yes/maybe/no ? That's just so lame, don't you think?

    Wow, I'm really rambling now, too. I just wanted to give you thumbs up for this post, I'm putting this link up at my own blog too, if you don't mind? Oh, and I totally forgot to mention your mani! I think it's really cute, I don't think it's awefully made! <3

  10. Hey Lois, check out my post before this one, it looks EXACTLY as you described a pointless post, hahaha! But mine surely does have a story I'm not ready to share with everybody. :) But that's just me.
    No, I totally don't mind you putting a link into your blog. And Thank you!

  11. OMG those you follow me and Ill follow you comments are irritating. People really need to realize that if they are going to run a blog, then the blog needs to be about something close to them, not just traffic and comments. Geesh! Kudos to you for voicing your frustration.

  12. I can't much imagine just leaving comments to follow my blog. First off, if somebody is interested, they'll find me eventually. Secondly, I started blogging more to share with folks who don't have a lot of time, but like seeing my nail polish and critters. Third, it compares to running around in public yelling, "LOOK AT ME!", and while I'm willing to do that once in a while, it's not really ME.

  13. Mistress Zombie: Yes, our blogs are all about us, not "statistics"! If we all unite, we can beat this.

    Original_Wacky: Same thing, totally.
    Attention whores, saying roughly? Pretty much yes.

  14. The "follow me" comments don't bother me that much, and sometimes I'll check their blog out anyway. I don't bother deleting the comment bc someone else may want to check it out, who knows? Now if they actually said something offensive, that would bother me.
    Also, I know all kinds of people start blogs for all kinds of reasons. If getting more followers builds up their self esteem because this is the one place they can be "popular", then so be it, I just try not to judge.

    That aside, I'm DEFINITELY one of those who responds to comments selectively. I generally don't respond to comments unless they include a question, a request, or a statement that makes me feel like I need to respond. In addition, since I have no guarantee that the person subscribed to follow-up comments or will return to read the response, I'll actually send the response directly to their email address - if their profile had one. So, the only time I post responses on the actual blog is if a)the person didn't have an email address listed or b)the response could also help other readers.
    So, please don't take comment responses personally. We are all different people with different priorities - we can't please everyone all the time.

  15. ABOP, I surely understand that we all have lives. But I'm speaking about something a little more.... just more than polish or whatever -- I mean, when I see some \personal\ post, I comment with my sincere word to support/give advice/whatever meaningful right from the heart and mind. (if I have something to say, ofc.)And this: I think I'd never post something personal if I don't want to get comments on it. Maybe that's just me. If there was a big flow of comments on my entries, I'd me more selective as well, but the situation made me angry was too obviously POSSIBLE to throw a word back.
    You're right about the priorities. &I won't insult anyone for their own personality (unless they intentionally do that to me). Well, I think I'm gettin' more calm over time, but when it happened, I was such a sad panda and went "grrrr" :D
    Ah, I know it's just me too easy to hurt :)))

  16. Hi! I found you through Nail York City blog. Please follow me.
    Muhahahha, just kidding!
    I totally agree with you. Few days ago i wrote about bloggers that don't react to comments i leave in blogs. In this case, why bother leaving comments? I answer to all comments in my blog except those that i see the person didn't even read the post. I follow a blog because i want, not because i'm asked to. That's when i ignore the comment or just erase it when it's pure and simple free publicity.

  17. I hear you, Helena! :) That's all true!


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