Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Out of power

Hello my dear readers.

First of all, wow, that was a great response to my latest post. If we unite, be can beat the ignorance and rudeness around our cosy and beautiful NB world. Thanks to you who shared their thoughts as well and had spread the post.

Secondly, I seem to lose my inspiration slowly, now mostly I feel like going barenailed or with just a clear polish on. I seem to be more and more fond of the natural look and I get tired of all the brighties. And somehow I'm on the dark wave at the same time! But anyway, I don't feel like changing my nail look that often as I used to do.
That doesn't mean I quit blogging – no! I just may post a little less often. I still have stuff to share with you guys, I have a lot of captured ideas (on paper) I'd be happy to see you make real as well. And I'm on my way to change the blog attitude, maybe not entirely, but I want to improve it and get onto some new post style. Well, enough ramble about it – I just hope you'll see! :)

Today I want to share my natural look with you, with just a clear polish on. And, I must add, I wear it just to keep the nail strong.
As you can see, some yellowing is still on, though I desperately try to whiten my nails, without drying the hell out of them. Any suggestions?

What about you? Do you love your unpolished claws or never leave home without some colour on?
I'm sending some positive energy to anyone who reads it! Thanks y'all :)


  1. mine are yellowed too, usually i lightly buff them, it gets rid of some yellowness. else, i put on a coat of Seche Bright and hope it does the work lol.
    apparently, soaking in lemon water helps..

  2. I also have my "natural nail moments". After seeing fashion shows, and how all models have natural nails, I usually decide to never wear nailpolish anymore, LOL. But I always go back to polish. And sometimes to fake nails, like now;)x

  3. Use some lemon juice with some olive oil (but not only juice, because vitamine C can damage your nails)

  4. Ever since I started this whole polish addiction, I've only had 1 day of complete nail nekkidness. While I don't mind the way my nails look without polish, I just prefer them all prettied up. Your nails look awesome - even without polish!

  5. I enjoy going bare from time to time. Even have had polish stand offs where I forced myself to go 'x' many days without polish to let them breath a little. Nothing wrong with it if you ask me. Yours look nice here.

    And you were rambling about having nail Ideas you would like to see us do... my interest has been peaked.

  6. I've reached a point where I feel like leaving the house with NO color on is just like leaving the house butt naked. Even if I only have like three minutes, I slap on an OPI Suede or something else that's opaque in one coat and doesn't need topcoat. But my naked nails are yellow-ish and don't look so good, so..yeah.

    I can see why you'd want to wear your nekkid nails though. They're so pretty!

  7. As it was written in comments before, you have really pretty nails(I'd kill for them,but don't worry, Moscow is far,far away=)).

    My nails are really yellow, so I don't have any advice on this, sorry.This yellowness is the reason why I never leave my home unpolished. But if I had nails like you, I'd probably have them nude or a bit more naturally looking from time to time=)

  8. Jamie, in my case buffing does remove the tinytiny layer of nail, so th e yellowing is just slightly reduced, but the nail's majorly weakened. And sure I've tried lemons, it didn't really help alone!

    Aurica, haha, aren't we girls easy to make a vow? :) I'm happy you broke it down, though, love seeing your polished nails!

    Sabbatha, hm, adding olive oil seems to be a good idea. Thanks!

    Megan, I used to get angry to look at my nails when they were weaker and naked and preffered to do just anything to pretty them up hahaha! Thank you!

    Mistress Zombie, I'm excited about some of those ideas. And thank you!

    ChaosButterly, ahhahaha, just like butt naked! I lol'd, seriously!
    I used to pass going barenailed for awhile, too, when mine were too very yellow. But now, when I grew them out and whitened a little, I grow fond of them! Thanks girl!

    Colorfulbottle, ahhhhh *afraid* haha :D
    Thank you!

    I do have some recipe for whitening now, but I'm not sure if it really works wonder as I think. I'm sure to share it if it does!

  9. I go through phases where I soak my nails in a strong solution of denture cleaner: It takes a few soakings and extra tablets for me to notice a difference.

    I will not leave my apartment without nail polish, lip gloss or facial sunscreen. I just can't! :)

    If you don't feel like painting your nails, why not take pictures around your city to show us. <3

  10. Diana, I saw this post! I just have to search around to find some denture cleaner and it al also depends on how expensive it is.
    That's a good idea!<3 I think I will sometime ;)

  11. You have pretty nails! :))
    I often use clear nail polish, too :))

  12. Your nails look amazing! As for whether I ever go bare-nailed or not, my blog title, "Never Unpolished," pretty much says it all. :)

  13. Hahaha Zara! I thought about your blog name when I wrote this. And Thank you!


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