Friday, October 29, 2010


Hey world,

I'm back with another older manicure.
This one was on for, I guess, 4 days or more, and I'd wear it longer if I didn't have such big chips.
So here go my nails in Black Out by Sally Hansen. I consider black polish as a timeless classic.
Black out is a deep black jelly. I'm sure you saw many brown or blue based blacks, but this one based black?
I love the colour and I love it being jelly. But I have the same problem with some other SH's I have : they never dry. I had dents after couple days passed, and it's no fun. I want my black to be hard as steel, glossy and jelly. Might give it another try with a SH quickdry topcoat, but I guess I'll still go for some other one. Any recommendations, ladies?
What for black – I'd wear it forever, because it looks amazing on short and long nails, with almost any outfit and you can go with any interpretation: be that punk, elegant, goth or whatever – it's universal and versatile.
By the way, the name makes me think of one of Muse songs I have in my favourites since 2005.

Woo-hoo, can you feel the halloween in the air? Still have to think on the halloween mani idea.
Happy upcoming Halloween everyone!


  1. Great pics! And great mani. I don't like black nail polish on me, but it's really nice on you! :))

  2. This is lovely on you. I think I actually have that in my stash too, will have to go dig it out!

  3. Thank you! And tell me if the formuls works for you :o


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