Friday, November 5, 2010

Contrasting the last post

Hello everyone,

I'm back here today with a (hence the post name)-- guess it -- yes, white! It is another older manicure and I just realized how far behind I am in posting, so I add some other pics today, too.
Here goes a nice Colorama white polish which is a cheapo and so-so in application.
Glossy (on its own) and matte (with Essie Matte About You).

The polish tends to thicken up real fast. 7.5ml. I finally obtained a thinner and now it's nice and has a great consistency. I really recommend everyone to look up for Colorama's since they do make some dupe-y polishes for such a bargain.

Here are some of the designs I tried on single nails, just to look how it'll look like.
This one was based on the design I saw@ The Lacquer Files. Colorama white, Rimmel Urban Princess, Avon Pastel Pink, and the green I can't remember.

This one -- made by tutorial @Nails By Asami.
And finally -- this one done by myself. A watermelon thing, using a several layers of jelly neon Orly Passion Fruit for the transparet-y squishy look, Orly Matte Vinyl for seeds on each layer of PF, SH Emerald City, Orly Enchanted Forest, China Glaze Limonyte, Rimmel Jade Glamour, China Glaze Paper Chasing for the cortex.

Please excuse the state of my cuticles! :)
Hope y'all enjoying your time.


  1. I like the way you named your post=)
    This nail arts are really beautiful. I like the first one with flowers the most.

    You have some awards on my blog=)

  2. Hahaha, thank you!
    And it's really sweet of you to award me, but I don't do such things at all :) Spasibo, anyway! :)))

  3. What thinner are you using?

    btw, I am originally from kiev :)

  4. wow, and I have ukrainian roots! yay :)
    the thinner is some russian cheapo, lafitel or something like this

  5. oooh I loove those nail designs! so cute!

  6. The rose design is so sweet! Love the white polish with the matt topcoat!


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